Micro-grant Recipients 2014-15


Conrad Davis aka Ceezar – Music and video Mixtape project
Jade Greaves – Sweater pattern making and sewing workshops for children and
youth in Rexdale
Sayara Rajab Khan – beautifying the Lawrence Heights community garden through mural and sculptural elements
Kobi Ntiri – Video creation based on a poem about single parenting
May Chook – Vocal improvisation workshops for newcomers in Lawrence Heights community
Michael Nguyen – Collaborative video project that highlights emerging spoken word artists from across the GTA
Oluwatobi Ajibolade – Youth empowerment and leadership video with the Ladyballers camp
Pages on Fire – Writer’s collective developing workshops and event for LGBTTIQQ2S youth
Shashann Miguel-Tash – Drop in visual arts program for children and youth in Trethewey
Shiv Patel – Origami exploration and creation workshops for children and youth in Malvern at the S.P.O.T
Tara Dorey – Design and creation of a mural with the South Asian Women’s Center in Bloor West
Tina Nicole Austin – Community Batik workshops in Birchmount/Finch community


Adam Cohoon – Photography series addressing issues of physical barriers across Toronto from the point of view of a wheelchair.
Ashley Bratty – An interactive and participatory mural inside of the Redwood Women’s Shelter addressing mental health issues.
Candice Botha – Creation of a short film showcasing the societal hierarchies stacked against people with disabilities, while networking with artists in the hopes of creating a Disabled Film Makers Collective.
Cassandra London – Youth lead radio series addressing issues of race and politics and the importance of the voice of youth in mainstream media.
Elliot Pines – The creation of a new media video game that narrates the experiences of queer, trans, and mentally ill people in a way to engage people and hopefully educate people on these issues.
Jaicyea Smith – Bellydancing workshops for young women addressing, health, wellness and body image issues in the Lawrence Heights community.
Janiece McIntosh – A series of workshops learning about cultural and tribal & indigenous jewelry, fashion, make-up art, hairstyles and hair care culminating in a celebration event of a Feast to Our Ancestors.
Juan Carbonell – A group of newcomers who met learning ESL and bonded over their love of art and want to start a newcomer artist collective where they can meet, create together and showcase their work.
Kassandra Prus – Mind/body creative workshops to engage youth in the LGBTQ community in acceptance of their identities and the importance of self-care.
Marjan Verstappen – Sculptural nest building workshops with kids and youth to address urban ecology and bird habitat along the waterfront.
Poonam Sharma – A workshop series of portrait painting by youth in underserved communities with high immigrant populations focusing on the beauty in diversity in their communities.
Svitlana Ivchenko – A newcomer herself wants to facilitate a multi-generational quilt making project with other newcomers in her community.



Toronto Wordsmiths –  to continue to develop their organization and capacity to procure funds and support, and for a series of writing workshops and production of a zine with guest artist-mentors.
Faeghan Williams  to develop a project entitled “The Starving Artist Showcase” through a pilot series of multi-arts workshop with adults living with mental illness, in partnership with Workmen Arts.
Jonathan Vallely – to hold a series of weekly workshops at Edmond Place: a new homeless peoples’ residence connected to Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC), involving story-gathering and the creation and publication of a book created with the members, and a final celebration.
Kristine White –  for the pilot phase of a project, also with adult participants at PARC, involving sharing stories and traditions of herbalism, and building herb planter boxes for the roof garden at Edmond Place.
Jun Yee Wang  for the next phase of the Story of Silk project in East Scarborough, developing a new partnership and creative visual and story-gathering and textile arts activities with seniors at the Momiji Japanese Seniors Centre.
Miranda Sharp – to work with people of a range of ages and visual arts experience, in a collaborative visual multi-media storytelling effort that is loosely based on the “comic book” format, through a series of workshops held at Jumblies Ground Floor location.
Mackenzie Konecny – to develop a project involving interviews and paper doll portraits and biographies of community members, then placed and observed in an public environment, with invitations for passers-by to interact and respond.
Robin Sutherland – to facilitate, design and paint an indoor mural, in collaboration with K-6 students and staff of Alpha Alternative School, inspired by teachings about the 7 Grandfather’s and 7 Canopies of the Forest, shared with the school community by Elder Duke Redbird.
Katherine Fleitas – to design and run a series of 4 photography workshop plus a final event and website presence for adult participants at Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre.
Julia Hune-Brown – to create and test facilitation approaches and techniques through series of dance and movement workshops for adult and youth, exploring autobiographical narratives and journeys, taking place in the community room of the Toronto Community Housing building at 150 Dan Leckie Way.
Veronica Diaz and Nirven Armoogum – to design and run a activities over 4 to 6 weeks with children and youth though Jumblies Ground Floor Arts Drop-In, integrating pin-hole cameras, sound-walks and stories and characters derived from the local environment.
Pavla Uppal – to start to develop a community-based theatre project exploring stories and experiences of mothers whose original language is not English and who bring up children in multi-lingual environment in Toronto, with participatory sessions taking place at the Riverdale Immigrant Women Center at the Riverdale Hub.
Tristan Castro-Pozo – to develop a plan, designs, prototypes and facilitation approach for the Lilli-Lambs Puppet Boxes’ Pilot Project, to be offered to community groups – most likely first the North York Hispanic Centre.

New SKETCH colour logo@SKETCHToronto cue_logo2013@CUEToronto

Alvero Muanza – Composing and recording 5 to 7 song hip-hop EP
Matthew Progress – Composing and recording a collection of hip-hop songs
Evan Moore – Illustrating and producing a comic book printed in risograph
Bernice Chau – A series of handmade books created from found/disgarded objects
Lorena Torres Loaiza – A series of 10 illustrations on paper, and online, as well as in zine format
Mapela – Composing and recording a 5-song hip-hop EP
Simon Nguyen – Materials bursary to experiment with various mediums of visual art
Nathan Baya  Composing and producing “Ghetto Gospel 2”, a hip-hop album
Anthony Peawan – Collaboratively composing a producing a 12 to 16 song round dance album
Oddane Taylor – Recording bursary to experiment and practice hip-hop production techniques
Phillip Saunders – Producing a series of oil and acrylic portraits representing the alchemical process
Gnarly Charly – Composing and producing a hip-hop mix-tape
Khalid Wilson  Composing and producing experimental music fusing together hip-hop, R&B, and dubstep
Pierre Bimwala – Composing and producing a 9-track hip-hop EP exploring the theme of “lone”
Huda Tariq – A ceramic art installation exploring the theme of “homes as vessels”
Tim Hunter – Producing 2-D and 3-D work for his upcoming solo show called “The Orange Room”
Andrew Nyarko – Bursary to procure a sewing machine to continue developing his own fashion line
Alyza Bernier – Materials bursary to support her emerging visual arts practice

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